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 We hope you all had a

lovely half term.






Soon in Science we will be making the digestive system to follow the progress of food through the body.  


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For this we will need weetabix, tinned spaghetti and some old tights. If you have any of these going spare they would be greatly appreciated. We will be doing this the week after half term, but if you are able to bring them in before this, that would be fantastic. 

Thank you. 

Mrs Vinson

 Thank you so much to the parents/children who have brought some bits in for our Science work. 


This Term

Our topic this term is The Middle Ages. 


Report Writing - Motte and Bailey castles

Explanation text - How to become a King

Balanced argument - Country life or city life?

Diary - The Plague

Playscripts - Macbeth

Letter Writing - Lady Macbeth to Macbeth

Newspaper Reports - MacBeth

Poetry - Christmas



Number - Place Value

Number - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division




Animals including humans - next we are looking at diet, water and digestion.  

Evolution and inheritance



We are computational thinkers

We are adventure gamers