Year 3!

We are focusing on reading in class.  If anyone has any spare time to help hear readers please let Mrs Sweeney know.  Many thanks.

Our learning through the year  


  • Countries around the World - (Harvest boxes 19th October, Carol singing at Pollards House 14th December )


    • Tudors - (Hampton Court)


    • The Rainforest  
    • Stone Age

Our topic this term is




Image result for Rocks



Overview of this half term

Maths: Geometry - properties of shape, Measurement, Statistics

English: Stories with a dilemma - based on a short film.

Science: Rocks

PE: Real PE, Swimming (see bottom of page for what they need) and Tennis

Art: Flower paintings in the style of Margaret Mae

History: The Stone age.

French: Months, Days of the Week, Greetings, Numbers 1-20, Colours 

RE: Christianity 

PSHE: Celebrating Difference, School Values, Teamwork

Computing: Animations using Scratch, e-safety 



PE -  Tuesday (outdoor), Wednesday (swimming) and Thursday (tennis)

Spellings - Monday (test from the spellings learnt at home and new spellings sent home)

Miss Brown - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning

Mrs Wilson - Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday



Animal poetry - read a selection of poems for inspiration to write own poem.


Angles - recognise and use right angles, compare and estimate angles, understand

perpendicular, vertical and horizontal lines.


A useful Maths Practice Book which follows the Year 3 curriculum objectives. 

Year 3 Maths Targeted Practice Workbook Paperback  by


Our topic is Rocks .

This week the children will be looking at rocks and where we can find rocks - and what we use rocks for. 



Can children think about rocks and where they are at home- they can be found everywhere even toothpast is made from rocks!

You could even do a mini project on rocks, type of rocks, famous rocks, how fossils are formed, volcanoes etc. - Have fun! 


We have been enjoying creating animations using Scratch.  This is a great book by Usborne to use at home.



As a school we're focusing on home learning.  This lets students apply their learning in new contexts.  Each week, Y3 will be asked to participate in home learning activities. These will include:


  • Mathletics. These activities work alongside the maths topics taught during the current unit. They are set each week on a Wednesday.
  • Also ensure your child is completing their daily practice in their Basic Facts book. This needs to be brought into school everyday as we mark it together in class.  
  • Times table practice.  


  • Daily reading and discussion
  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar - encourage your child to identify SPaG elements in their reading book.  They all have their own copy of the SPaG booklet to help them.
  • Spellings - we learn groups of spellings which follow rules which can be applied to other words and also be used in pieces of writing.

We have been looking at the pyramid method to help learn spellings:

                                                                                        y   o
                                                                                     y    o   u
                                                                                   y   o    u   n
                                                                                 y   o    u    n   g


Also using acrostics









Other notes : Please label everything they bring into school.

They need:

    • Contact book -are looked at by staff every day so should be in school every day.  Please read and sign the agreement if you haven't already done so. Thank you to those that have.
    • Reading book
    • Small pencil case with equipment
    • Water bottle
    • PE kit  
    • Fruit snack
    • An art shirt

For swimming your child will need a towel, swimming costume, swimming hat and goggles. They are carrying their kit themselves so they will need to bring it in a suitable bag especially if it is raining.

Our new school values are: Respect, Integrity, Growth, Happiness and Teamwork.



Please come and talk to us about any queries, concerns or little niggles.