Reception Class

Class teacher: Miss Raggio                     

Teaching Assistant: Ms Mason                                     


 Welcome to Reception! 

Please note that P.E. begins on Wednesday please can their kit come in to school!

 Image result for pe kit socks


We have had a good start to our first week with lunch. We have been working on using a knife and fork when we eat our lunch and trying to cut up the food ourselves.  Please continue to practice these skill at home.


Next week we have art we and we will be making pop art. We will be continuing with our values and turn taking E.G. Please can I play with the car next? or Please can I play with you with you when you have finished? We are also looking at class rules and how to be good listeners for example putting our hands up and waiting our turn.  We have also continued to talked about Miss Raggio's wait signal by  showing us the number 1 on a finger. This is for when we are wanting to speak to an adult but they are talking to another child or person. We know this means that the adult knows that they have something important to say or share but is showing respect to the other adult or child by letting them finish first. 


We are looking for 2 class reps please can you let us know if you are

interested by telling us in the contact book. If we get more

volunteers we will put names in a hat.  


Some ideas to help if your child or if you are anxious or is upset coming in to class next week:

1. Small Pebble

Paint a small pebble you have found and put a heart on it. On the other side write ‘Mummy/ Daddy loves you’ and kiss it before giving it to your child. They then carry it in her pocket at school and  explain that they can rub/ hold it when they feel sad.

2. Keyring.

Give your child a small keyring when they are feeling overly sensitive they can hold it but it lives in their pocket or on their bag. 

Draw a hug button on your hand and their when they want a hug they press the button and it sends the hug to you and you and you can say did you feel me sending them to you at the end of the day? Or did you send me hugs I felt like you did?

4. Heart Zip

Use hearts that you and your child already have and when they touch them it then “charges” them. 

5. Paper Kiss

Kiss a piece of paper (with lipstick on) and write on it ‘special kiss’ so your child has a mummy kiss all day long in their pocket.



 Kim Raggio