It's going to be a great year!!


Week 3 is almost done and all of the children are settling really well into doing full days. We are gradually introducing more and more learning as they get more and more used to the environment. 


Next week will be art week. Our topic is 'China' so we will be doing lots of art inspired by Chinese art and culture. Lanterns, dragons and similar things will be given. If you have anything at home that the children want to bring in that links to the topic please do so.


The week after (this week's update will cover two weeks) we will be starting our topic 'All About Me' a bit more seriously. We will talk about families and what they look like, body parts, eating, what children like etc. 


Some information about various things:


TAPESTRY: Please note that the reason we are putting lots of pictures up in the beginning is because we are doing baseline assessments. That means we are starting from a low point and see how high each child goes. This means that some children will be photographed doing something they can do easily, it's part of the assessment.


READING: We have sent home their first reading books. For the first couple of weeks we are changing books once a week only. Once we are up and running we will change books twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays most likely). Books should be in their bags every day as we might change this at short notice. We have put all children on the same colour (light pink) to start with, this will gradually be moved up if we see that they can read more difficult books. At this stage it's vital to 'talk around' the book and pictures, using question words such as what, who, when, where and even why, what comes next etc. Make the questions harder or easier by using open or closed questions, for example 'point to the red car', 'which car is red', 'what colour is this car', 'which car is NOT red', etc.


The most important thing to do when reading with your child now is to get them to sound out the individual sounds and blend them. Simply put, they sound out c - a - t, then a bit faster c-a-t and then as one word 'cat'. If you are not sure about the individual sounds, we have sent out 'sound mats' today which the children and you can refer to in order to refresh the sounds.

Here are two sites where you can get the pronunciation to practise:

1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqhXUW_v-1s (please note that her 'a' and 'er' sounds are a little bit off)

2: http://jollylearning.co.uk/gallery/audio-2/  (we don't use the Jolly Phonics but they have good pronunciation videos for individual sounds)



We have sent home sound books/handwriting with the sounds we are practising this week. In the book we have put the little rhyme we use to get the children to do the letter formation correctly. Use a pencil to complete the handwriting and do not accept them starting or completing the letters the wrong way. Make them re-do it correctly please.


At the end of the day pick-up: Please note that you must make eye-contact/wave with us before I release the child. If you are not, I will send the child to the back and you'll have to wait until they come through again. This is to make things run smoothly. Also, please do NOT wave to your child before they are at the front - some parents/carers have waved at their child further down the line and that is causing confusion.


Mr Hedlund, Ms Mason, Ms Jones