It's going to be a great year!!





Thank you all for making an effort with the sounds - we can see good progress when doing assessments. I'll keep on sending home weekly assessment sheets up until Christmas roughly. With the last three sounds sent home (ll, ff we teach discretely) we have finished phase 2. For the next two weeks we will be making sure that we are using these sounds to begin to blend.


I will send home a word list with words you can make using phase 2 sounds. Use the flash cards previously sent home to make these words and practise blending. It is important that the children see that moving the sounds around creates new words. I will also send home a game for you to practise.


 After the two weeks we will most likely change the reading books twice a week and start sending home something called word boxes (to practise blending). More information about that then.


The terms topic is quite wide: Space/explorers and Christmas. We have already started practising the songs for the nativity, 'Humph the Camel'. Last week we managed to go through 5 (well done!) songs out of the 7 and will carry on this week. Next week we'll look at the lines/roles.


In maths we are looking at 2D shapes, and in particular naming them and being able to find a shape from clues (i.e. which one has three corners). We'll look at simple 3D shapes toward the end of the week.


Mr Hedlund, Ms Mason, Ms Jones