Reception Class

Class teacher: Miss Raggio                      Teaching Assistant(s): Ms Mason         Miss Jones



Welcome to the summer term!

This term we are focusing on the theme of 'People who help us'!

We have begun looking at Doctors and Nurses. 

Next week is Multicultural week - we will be looking at India and Australia. You have been sent home some peach paper for a diversity quilt- please can your child draw and create a picture that represents your family and where they are from.

Important reminders

We have changed the way reading is now done in reception. It falls in line with the rest of the school. From now on we will read on a Monday and Wednesday. Please can reading books be put into contact books on those days if you would like them changed.



This week and next week our focus has been on Shape space and measure. We are looking at patterns and repeating patterns this theme will continue with Rangoli patterns next week as part of the whole school theme of Multicultural week.



We are reassessing phase three sounds so all digraphs, trigraphs and phonemes.  We have also begun to assess correct letter formation. We have also begun to look at how we form sentences and the rules as part of this. Such as capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.

You can print and cut out a visual from here for instance if you'd like:



Kim Raggio