It's going to be a great year!!


 Happy New Year everyone!

We hope you had a relaxing time and enjoyed the holidays. The children seem to have had a good time. Some parents asked about the 'homework' we sent home. This was purely for your benefit and is nothing you need to send back, unless you really want to.


From next week we'll be back to normal timetable after the Christmas Weeks and this week Mr Hedlund was out Wednesday and Ms Jones is out Friday. 



We are now progressing into 'digraphs', which simply explained is two letters combined to make a sound. For instance ch, sh. Therefore we're only doing 2 sounds a week for a few weeks until we get the hang of this. However, we are also focussing on the phase 2 'tricky words', i.e. words they should recognise without sounding them out. They are: I, no, to, the, into, go. We'll be assessing them along with the sounds from next Wednesday. I have sent some flashcards with the words on.



Please note that we aim to read with the children either Tuesday or Friday but will change books on both days. However, if things change we may do it on other days so it would be good to have the books in their book bags every day. If there is no book in the book bag we won't change the book or read with the child.



We are going to focus on 'one more' next week. We'll use objects and if they can, and number line, to get children used to counting on one more (within 10). We will slowly begin to extend teaching to beyond 10 (recognising, rote counting, writing etc.)



The topic is 'around the world'. We have made our role play area into an plane and we will be pretending to go to different places around the world. First stop next week will be the rainforest. We have said to the children they can bring in some clothes (nothing precious please) and put in the suitcase we have. It can be any clothes (fancy or otherwise) that they would like to take on holiday. Please be mindful if you do send some in that other children may use it.


The books we'll focus on this topic are 'Handa's Surprise' and 'Rumble in the Jungle'.




Mr Hedlund, Ms Mason, Ms Jones