Reception Class

Class teacher: Miss Raggio                     

Teaching Assistant: Ms Mason                                     


 Welcome to Reception! 

We have had fun this week - we have been learning all about Space. The children have been reading the story Man on the Moon and  were able to sequence the story. The children made posters showing pictures of the aliens from the story that the children could see but Bob could not. We also drew pictures of what we might see in Space and the children have been enjoying the Space station in the classroom. 

We have continued to practice for our Christmas play. In preparation for Christmas please can all parents bring in two stamped envelopes by the 30th November. Please leave the envelopes in the contact book and we will take them out. We  introduced the new tricky word into which has been sent home.   


We are continuing with our phase 2 phonics and have sent home a small book either red or purple with the sounds in (there are new sounds in the book for this week). We have also sent home the tricky words we would like you to continue to practice to write and read. you can do this by highlighting all the words in the newspaper or creating several copies and playing snap.  We have also begun to 'read' with your child. We have sent home books without words to encourage your children to infer meaning from the books. Please note that from the 29th October we will not change the books unless you have also reread/ read the books with your child. The below has also been put in your contact books:


An inference is “reading between the lines” to understand things not directly stated by the author. Inferences are based on information stated in text/ pictures as well as what is known from personal experience which relates to the passage being read or the pictures.


Making inferences means making a guess based on information. Prior knowledge and details are needed for inferences. Predictions are what the reader thinks will happen. Conclusions can be drawn from thinking about the facts or details in the text/ pictures.

Inference question starters

  • From the title/heading, you can predict that the text will be about …..?
  • Why do you think …..?
  • Why did …..?
  • How do you know that …..?
  • What might happen if …..?
  • What can you infer from the picture on the page?
  • Why do they …..? How do you know?
  • Do you think …..? Why do you think that?
  • Why does the author use the word/ picture …..?
  • What is the author implying?/What message is the author trying to give?
  • Can you infer the meaning of …..?
  • What probably caused …..?
  • How might ………….. feel ………………………



 This week we have been learning about measuring and have been looking at longer and shorter. The children were using cubes to measure different items and say how they knew which was longer or shorter.  Next week we will be looking at the numerals 8 and 9. We will be learning how to form them correctly. 

We are still looking for donations of thick cork tiles thank you to everyone that donated so far.  We are in desperate need of donations of tinfoil, salt and tissues.  A local school who we are linked with has lost all of their Christmas costumes if you know anyone who is willing to donate they would be very grateful


Next week we will be continuing to learn about Space and nursery rhymes. We will be looking at people who have been to the Moon and learning about the solar system. 

 Kim Raggio