This half term we are reading Charlotte's Web by E.B. White.  We have copies to share but you are very welcome to bring in your own copies if you would like to.


This week's times tables: x 9


This week's spellings: (near) homophones 


These spellings will be tested on Monday 18th June.

effect (noun: consequence or result)

affect (verb: to have an impact on somebody / something)

cereal (noun: Shreddies and Wheatabix!) 

serial (noun: events or TV programmes which are connected.)

alter (verb: change)

altar (verb: a special table in many religious buildings)

stationery (noun: all the equipment you keep in your pencil case)

stationary (adj: not moving, stopped)

compliment (noun / verb: to say something nice to somebody)

complement (noun / verb: two things which match or go together. e.g. fish & chips)



This week

Maths:  area, capacity, volume

English: Writing to persuade: letter of complaint

Grammar focus: Commas with fronted adverbials


Overview of this half term

Maths: Measurement: distance, capacity, volume, money

English: Writing based on Charlotte's Web by E.B White.  Character descriptions, letters of complaint, stories and playscripts

Science: Human life cycle and stages of development

Topic: Changes

PE: Athletics / Real PE

Art/DT: Natural materials

French: Spring

PSHE: Growing up