To finish our Ancient Greece topic, Year 5 are going to have an Ancient Greece day on Friday 25th May.  We will spend the day doing Greek activities and, as part of this, the class are invited to dress up as their favourite Greek character. This could be one of the gods/ goddesses, or another figure from Ancient Greek myth. The costumes don't need to be elaborate; for example, someone dressing as Hades (god of the underworld) may choose to come in all black / grey with a gloomy expression. Although elaborate costumes are very welcome too!


This week's times tables: x 9


This week's spellings: verb prefixes 

Have a look at the spellings.  What do you think the prefixes 're-' 'pre-' 'mis- and 'dis-' mean?

These spellings will be tested on Monday 21st May.

disappear (verb: to vanish)

disuse (adjective / verb: when something is no longer used)

distinguish (verb / adjective: to stand out from the crowd, or to tell the difference between two things) 

overtake (verb: to move faster than someone / something else)

overanxious (adjective: to be too anxious about something)

overspend (verb: to spend too much money)

And some words from the Y5 & Y6 spelling list

nuisance (noun: a problem or obstacle which is annoying)

necessary (adj: something you need)

variety (noun: a wide range)

queue (noun / verb: to stand in line / the line you stand in)



This week

Maths:  Properties 3d shapes, reflection, translation and rotation

English: Writing to inform: The Trojan War

Grammar focus: Commas with fronted adverbials


Overview of this half term

Maths: Geometry: angles & shapes. Measurement

English: Writing to entertain: Greek gods. Writing to inform: Greek cities & wars

Science: Animals and living things: similarities & differences between the life cycles of different creatures.  Parts and reproductive processes of flowers.

Topic: Ancient Greeks

PE: Swimming / tennis (for 3 weeks) / Real PE

Art/DT: Natural materials