Happy New Year Swans!

Thank you so much for all the Christmas messages, cards and gifts, it was very kind and we are extremely grateful. We hope you all had an excellent break and time to relax at some point - or that you have some time now that we are back at school! (From all the Y5 staff)



We have issued the new Maths daily fact booklets.

There is some new Mathletics homework (logins are in the back of contact books).



This week's times tables:x3

We will also be counting in fractions this half term.


This week's spellings: -able / -ably

changeable (adj: something which could change quickly "the weather is changeable today.")

noticeable (adj: something which is obvious "There is a noticeable lack of handwriting pens today.")

noticeably (adv: same as above "We are noticeably lacking in handwriting pens.")

chargeable (adj: who will be asked to pay for something "The broken window is chargeable to your school.")

arguable (adj: there can be different opinions  "It is arguable whether homework is helpful.")

arguably (adv: same as above! "Homework is arguably a waste of time.")

debatable (adj: same as arguable)

And some words from the Y5 & Y6 spelling list in the front of the contact book

competition (noun: a game with a winner)

marvellous (adj: a synonym for "fantastic")

vehicle (noun: something you travel in, e.g. a car or a boat)


This week

Maths: adding and subtracting fractions with denominators which are multiples ( e.g. 2/4 and 5/8)

English: Writing to inform: newspaper report on the first moon landing

Grammar focus: speech punctuation


Overview of this half term

Maths: Fractions

English: Writing to inform: newspaper reports.  

Science: Space

Topic: Space