Welcome back! I hope you've all had a good Easter holiday.


We are swimming this term, starting the first Wednesday back.  If you have not signed a permission slip, please can you see the school office on Monday. As always, we will only be able to take children who have signed permission.  There is also a voluntary contribution towards the cost of the lessons.  We will also be continuing with our tennis lessons for the first three weeks.



This week's times tables: x 7


This week's spellings: -able words 

These spellings will be tested on Monday 23rd April.

admiration (noun: to think highly of someone )

admirable (adj:something which is impressive, which you admire)

adoration (noun: the love of something)

adorable (adj: something which is lovely)

application (noun: a form to have to opportunity of a new job etc)

applicable (adj: relevant / useful "Good spelling is applicable to every school subject.")

consideration (noun: thoughtfulness "Show some consideration for our neighbours.")

considerable (adj: big "It took a considerable amount of time to eat all the Easter eggs.")

And some words from the Year 5 & Year 6 spelling list in the contact books.

sufficient (adj: enough)

disastrous (adj: terrible)



This week

Maths:  Classifying, measuring & drawing angles - using protractors

English: Writing to entertain: Greek gods

Grammar focus: Commas after fronted adverbials


Overview of this half term

Maths: Geometry: angles & shapes. Measurement

English: Writing to entertain: Greek gods. Writing to inform: Greek cities & wars

Science: Animals and living things: similarities & differences between the life cycles of different creatures.  Parts and reproductive processes of flowers.

Topic: Ancient Greeks

PE: Swimming / tennis (for 3 weeks) / Real PE

Art/DT: Natural materials