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Another fantastic week with most of Year 5 spending time at Hooke Court. We had a busy three days learning all about life as a Saxon. I hope you all have had a restful weekend ready for Art Week, starting Monday!

This week, we begin our Art Week at Nonsuch. The children will be making their projects using papier-mâché. If you have any newspaper you do not need, please bring it in! It would be greatly appreciated.

Mathletics will be sent out in the next few weeks - we are just waiting for usernames and curriculum to be changed over ready for the children to use for Year 5.


Miss Sarjeant

  • Spelling, Mathletics and the Fluency Maths Books will all be coming home on a Tuesday evening. This has changed from a Monday as we missed it Monday due to the Art Week carousel. I am just waiting for the Mathletics usernames to be ready for the children and then we can get started with this!


  • As Art week is fast approaching (w/c 17th September), if anyone has any newspapers, coffee filters or balloons which are of no use to you anymore, they would be very much appreciated for our Year 5 project! Thank you in advance. 


A brief overview of this half term

Maths: Place value: digits up to 1,000,000, Roman Numerals

English: 'Beowulf' written by Michael Morpurgo - linking in with our Anglo-Saxon topic this term

ScienceProperties and Changes of Materials

Topic: Anglo Saxons and Vikings

French: Likes and dislikes/Healthy eating

RE: Sikhism 

PSHCE: Being Me in My World 

PE: Netball and handball 

Computing: 'We are game developers' 

Music:  'Songwriters' 

Art: Line, shape and form - John Brunsden 

DT: Food - celebrating culture and seasonality (Hooke Court) 

* PE Kits will be needed every Thursday and Friday.


* Spelling, Mathletics and the Fluency Maths Books will all be coming home on a Monday evening, starting from the w/c 17th September. 


Any questions about anything, I am happy to help! 




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