Term dates

As a school in the London Borough of Sutton, we follow the terms dates as set by the borough. However, as we have to factor in staff training (INSET) days which can affect the dates the school is open for children, it is important to regularly check our school calendar.


Autumn term 2017-18

INSET dayMonday 4th September 2017

First day : Tuesday 5th September 2017

Last day: Thursday 19th October 2017 

INSET day: Friday 20th October 2017

Half-term: 23rd October to 27th October 2017

First day : Monday 30th October 2017

INSET day: Friday 24th November 2017

Last day : Wednesday 20th December 2017 (School closes at 1.15pm)

Spring term 2017-18

First day : Wednesday 3rd January 2018

Last day: Friday 9th February 2018 

Half-term: 12th February to 16th February 2018

INSET day: Monday 19th February 2018

First day: Tuesday 20th February 2018

Last day : Thursday 29th March 2018 (School closes at 1.15pm)

Note: Good Friday is on 30th March and Easter Monday is on 2nd April (During the Easter break)

Summer term 2017-18

First day : Monday 16th April 2018

Last day: Friday 25th May 2018 

Half-term: 28th May to 1st June 2018

First day: Monday 4th June 2018

Last day : Friday 20th July 2018 (School closes at 1.15pm)

INSET day : Monday 23rd July 2018