Donations Needed: Baking Powder, Cream of Tartar, Glue Sticks, Cornflakes, Flower  

Coffee morning for new Nursery parents

29th September 8.45 - 9.30 and 12.30 - 1.15 come along for an informal coffee and chat.

Welcome to Nonsuch Nursery Class!

Well done to all our new children for coming in with a smile on their face, eager to learn!


 We spend the first few weeks in nursery settling in our children and enjoying being part of Nonsuch Primary School!


Tuesday 26th September - Dress up Day for Art Week - If they would like children can wear their own clothes, dress as an artist!

Please come in to class when dropping off your child and remind them to do their morning jobs of hanging their coat on their peg, changing their book and putting their self registration name in the pot. 


Parent Rep Needed:  The role involves reminding other parents of upcoming events, organising get togethers out of school, and helping to find volunteers for PTA events. 


 To help our budget go as far as possible we ask parents for donations of items for the classroom each term.  Please sign up on the sheet on the Nursery door and bring your items in with you. These need only to be 'basics/cheapest' items available, as they will be used to make playdough or used for messy play. Many items can be found in the baking aisle such as baking powder, cream of tartar. Many thanks in advance for your support.  

We go outside everyday regardless of the weather (we have covered areas to shelter from the rain) so please send your child in with a NAMED coat everyday. It would also be  great if your child could practice putting their coat on by themselves.  This Montessori technique is very effective once learned. We encourage the children to use this method at school too.


How to help at home:

We have been working hard to learn each others name. It helps your child if they know what to call the teachers and they have four names to learn so use the booklet below to help your child learn our names.

You could print out two copies and play a matching game like pairs or snap, or hide the pictures behind your back and bring one out to show your child and see how quickly they can say the name. 

We've been singing a funny song at school to learn the names of all our friends. Can your child remember any of it to sing to you? It goes like this "Jack has got a (monkey/elephant/dog) on his head, Jack has got a (monkey/elephant/dog) on his head and he keeps there all day." 

You could use the pictures of the teachers below and put objects on our heads  and sing the song to help your child learn our names. 


The children are doing a great job of learning our rules and routines but they were certainly tired by the end of the week. A few early nights would certainly help them (and us!) maintain their energy throughout the week. Thank you :)