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Our topic this term is ... 

The Great Fire of London!  

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 W/C 16.4.18

Maths: Fractions

I can investigate and understand fractions are equal parts of a whole

I can recognise and find 1/2 of shapes

I can recognise and show quarters of shapes

I can recognise and show thirds of shapes

I can find the complements to make a whole

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English: Newspaper reports

I can write a recount about my break 

I can read a newspaper report

I can analyse the features of a newspaper report

I can use a newspaper report to answer questions 


W/C 23.4.18

Multicultural Week! 

Maths: Fractions

I can investigate and understand the equivalence between 1/2 and 2/4 of shapes

I can find half of a quantity

I can find a quarter of a quantity

I can find three quarters of a quantity 

I can find a third of a quantity 

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1/3 of 12 = 4 


English: Newspaper Reports

I can plan my newspaper report

I can write my newspaper report

SPaG: al, el, le, il endings 

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We will need cardboard boxes in order to recreate the Great Fire of London! If you could bring in any cardboard boxes (usually from food items, no bigger than a cereal box) by early May we would greatly appreciate it! 


Our science topic is animals including humans. We will need a copy of a photo from when you were a baby and a copy of a photo from now! We are happy to make any copies at school if you send us the original. Please write a note in the contact book if you need us to copy it. Please bring in the photos by Friday the 11th of May. Thank you! 






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True or False

This shape shows 1/3 because one part is shaded and three are not.



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Shade one third of this shape. 

Shade three quarters of this shape. 

Remember to divide it into equal groups first! 


Are newspapers fiction or non-fiction? How do you know?

Can you name the features of a newspaper report?

Title of the newspaper 


Information/facts (who, what, where, when, why, how)



Why do we read newspapers?

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A few changes to our timetable ... 

Our Timetable

Monday: Computing, PSHE

Tuesday: PE in the hall, Reading comprehension

Wednesday: Science, Topic

Thursday: PE outdoors (Mr Bowen, am2) and RE/Library (Mrs Dodds, pm) 

Friday: Topic/Art/DT 

*English (writing, reading, SPaG), Phonics, Maths are daily

Spellings are put into the contact book every Monday. There are three words related to the focus of the week and three words from the common exception word list. The words are not tested formally in class but children are expected to spell them correctly when they apply them to their writing. 


Fluency books should be completed daily. 


Mathletics usernames and passwords are in the contact books.

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