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Owls Class

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Our topic this term is...

Heroes and Superheroes!

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W/C 8.1.19

Maths: Multiplication and Division

equal groups

repeated addition 



I can recognise equal groups

I can write maths sentences about the two times tables

I can draw groups to multiply by 2

I can write sentences about the five times tables 

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4 groups of 2

2 + 2 + 2 + 2 

4 x 2 

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English: Superhero ABC 

We will be writing and designing our own pages about our superpowers using the same style as the story! 

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SPaG: Review quiz on everything we know so far! 


W/C 14.1.19


Maths:  I can draw groups to multiply by 5

I can write maths sentences about the tens times tables

I can draw groups to multiply by 10 

I can turn groups into arrays 

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5 + 5 + 5 = 15

3 groups of 5 is the same as 15

3 x 5 = 15



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English:  Traction Man

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I can use the text to answer questions

I can use clues from the text to make inferences about the characters

I can write instructions on how to be a hero

SPaG: I can identify and use conjunctions (joining words) in my writing

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Phonics: Plurals (-s and e-s)

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Maths: Mathletics 

We started to work on multiplication this week! 

We are learning how to write repeated addition and multiplication sentences and how to draw groups to multiply. 

Start to learn your two times tables. 

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2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 8 

4 groups of 2 equals 8 

4 x 2 = 8 

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English: What is your superhero name? 

What are your superpowers?

Challenge: Can you make your superhero name and powers start with the first letter of your name?  

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SPaG:Review everything we know so far! What is the difference between a noun, adjective, verb and adverb? 


Science: We started to think of how different materials are used. What materials can you see at home? What are they used for? 

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Reading - daily

Can you read fluently without long pauses between words? 

Reading your book multiple times can help you with this! 

Can you use expression when you see different punctuation -

. ? or ! 

Spellings - weekly (three related to the sound/spelling focus of the week and three common exception words)


Please remember to complete only one question in your fluency booklet everyday. It is very important that children do not complete their books as they are designed to develop mathematical fluency through repetition and to allow them to continuously revisit a concept. Thank you.



Our Timetable

Teacher: Miss Piccinini 

TA: Mrs Worsfold 


Monday- PE (outdoor), PSHE

Tuesday- RE  and Computing (Mrs Warwick)

Wednesday- Science, Library

Thursday-  PE (Hall) and Reading comprehension 

Friday: Topic (History/Geography/Art/DT)

*Daily Maths, English, Handwriting and Phonics


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