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 Owls Class

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Our topic this term is 

My World and Me 

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W/C 10.9.18 

Maths:  I can skip count in steps of 2 forwards and backwards

I can skip count in steps of 5 forwards and backwards

I can skip count in steps of 10 forwards and backwards

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English: I can make a prediction 

I can write the four different types of sentences


SPaG: I can use capital letters correctly

I can identify the four different types of sentences 

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  • Question sentences must start with one of our question words (who, what,
  • where, when, why, how, can, do) 
  • A command must start with a bossy verb. It can end with a full stop or an
  • exclamation mark. 

An exclamation sentence must start with 'What' or 'How' and have a verb in it 

Eg, " What a beautiful day it is!" 


W/C 17.9.18 


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Reading - daily

*Reading is currently being assessed*

Spellings - weekly (three related to the sound/spelling focus of the week and three common exception words)


Maths: Mathletics will be assigned weekly on a Thursday starting in the next few weeks once usernames and curriculum have been adjusted. 


Count! Count! Count! 

Forwards and backwards in steps of 2, 5 and 10. 

Numbers to 100 starting from any number. 


What is the missing number? 


12, 14, 16, ___, ____ 

56, 54, ___, 50, ___, 46 

25, 30, ___, 40, 45, ___

95, 90, ___, ___, 75 

20, 30, ___, ___ 

44, 54, ___, ____, 84

50, 40, ____, 20 


How can a number line and hundred square help me? 


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What is the mistake? Explain your reasoning

45, 50, 60, 65, 70 


English: Can you write a statement, command, exclamation and question sentence about the Tiger? 

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SPaG: How many words can you write that always need a

capital letter? 



Science: How many things can you see in and around your

home that are living or non-living? 


Topic: Can you name and locate the seven continents and

five oceans? 

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Our Timetable

Teacher: Miss Piccinini 

TA: Mrs Worsfold 


Monday- PE (outdoor), PSHE

Tuesday- RE  and Computing (Mrs Warwick)

Wednesday- Science, Library

Thursday-  PE (Hall) and Reading comprehension 

Friday: Topic (History/Geography/Art/DT)

*Daily Maths, English, Handwriting and Phonics


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